Sorry for not posting anything recently, but I’ve been chilling and hanging out with family over the holidays. I haven’t forgotten about you all though! Here’s the latest thing I’ve been working on.

What’s one of the key features that makes up a classic a console RPG? Why the minigames, of course! When you’re not saving the world from ancient evil, there’s always plenty of chocobo racing and snowboarding to do. Like the classics, LotEB will have some of these games, and here’s the first one: Chō-Han. If you’re familiar with Japanese samurai and yakuza movies, you’ve probably seen a scene or two of this game. I programmed this one first since the rules and gameplay are super simple. This is just some basic backroom gambing, but it’s sure to be the first of several minigames, beause of course, there will be a casino city somewhere you can visit.